Yang Dong

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This paper analyzes possible anomalies in Web Services execution during a composition, it introduces different strategies to face these anomalies and a solution for fault tolerance on Web Services compositions based on synchronization. This solution is as follows: when an anomaly is found, the process calculates the affected area and it rolls back the(More)
With the popularization and application in recent years, unmanned substations, remote operation to achieve the status of the substation equipment monitoring become the urgent needs of grid operation. Traditional SCADA systems are not implemented on the secondary device status data acquisition, and the acquisition of secondary equipment Prudential(More)
Silk fibers suffer from microstructural changes due to various external environmental conditions including daily washings. In this paper, we take the backscattering Mueller matrix images of silk samples for non-destructive and real-time quantitative characterization of the wavelength-scale microstructure and examination of the effects of washing by(More)
We consider a problem where an investment manager must allocate an available budget among a set of fund managers, whose asset class allocations are not precisely known to the investment manager. In this paper, we propose a robust framework that takes into account the uncertainty stemming from the fund managers' allocation, as well as the more traditional(More)
Because of high sampling rate and high resolution, pipeline ADC is widely used in system on chip (SOC). As sampling rate and resolution increasing, design difficulty is increasing. This paper analyzes restricts from amplifier in Pipeline ADC. By contrast with different amplifiers, this paper analyzes and designs a double nesting gain boosted amplifier in 14(More)
This paper presents a method for designing, compiling and annotating corpora intended for language learners. In particular, we focus on spoken corpora for being used as complementary material in the classroom as well as in examinations. We describe the three corpora (Spanish, Chinese and Japanese) compiled by the Laboratorio de Lingüística Informática at(More)
The method of single photon counting uses the characteristic that photon detector outputs naturally discrete electrical signal under low-light irradiation. It identifies and extracts the very weak signal by pulse-screening technology and digital-counting technology. First the article introduces the principle of the single photon counting system, and(More)
The edge of the image is one of the most basic characteristics of image. It not only provides the basis for the image segmentation, but also the foundation of the shape features and texture characteristics and includes much useful information which is used in image identification. This paper introduces some classical edge detection methods, in the analysis(More)
Three-dimensional (3-D) radar imaging has been widely used in target scattering diagnosis, modeling and target identification. In this paper, 3-D imaging algorithm for targets with micro-motion based on high resolution range profile (HRRP) sequence is presented. Aiming at the difficulty of getting look angle parameters of the radar directly and considering(More)