Yang Chuan Chen

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BACKGROUND In humans, mutation of ELAC2 is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. ELAC2 has been shown to have tRNase Z activity and is associated with the gamma-tubulin complex. RESULTS In this work, we show that the yeast homolog of ELAC2, encoded by TRZ1 (tRNase Z 1), is involved genetically in RNA processing. The temperature sensitivity(More)
BACKGROUND Epithelioid, foam, and multinucleated giant cells (MNGCs) are characteristics of tuberculosis granulomas, yet the precise genesis and functions of these transformed macrophages are unclear. We evaluated the role of platelets as drivers of macrophage transformation in mycobacterial infection. METHODS We employed flow cytometry and microscopy to(More)
BACKGROUND Dissection of specific Areas Of Interest (AOIs) of slide-mounted tumor samples is often used to enrich for cancer cells in order to generate better signal to noise ratios in subsequent biochemical characterization. Most clinical laboratories utilize manual dissection for practical reasons and to avoid the expense and difficulties of laser(More)
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