Yang Chuan Chen

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Preventing accidents caused by drowsiness behind the steering wheel is highly desirable but requires techniques for continuously estimating driver's abilities of perception, recognition and vehicle control abilities. This paper proposes methods for drowsiness estimation that combine the electroencephalogram (EEG) log subband power spectrum, correlation(More)
In contrast to classical engineering approaches for the generation of movements in robots or prostheses, approaches to this subject inspired by neurophysiological circuits are in advance. One of the key structures of interest in this area is the Central Pattern Generator (CPG) which has been identified to be the source of movement generation in mammals.(More)
Diet contributes to the increasing incidence of chronic diseases. Thus, fast, accurate, and convenient dietary assessment tools are in demand. We designed an internet-based diet and lifestyle questionnaire for Chinese (IDQC). The objective of this study was to validate its applicability and assess the dietary habits of Chinese college students.Six hundred(More)
This paper examines the cognitive load in real-time strategy gaming subjects along with physiological and subjective measurements. The subjects were college students from a northeastern university in China. This paper is a study into players’ cognitive load measurement when playing against human opponents and game artificial intelligences (game AIs). Using(More)
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