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We study the problem of creating a complete model of a physical object. Although this may be possible using intensity images, we use here range images which directly provide access t o three dimensional information. T h e first problem that we need t o solve is t o find the transformation between the different views. Previous approaches have either assumed(More)
In this tutorial, we give an introduction to optical burst switching and compare it with other existing optical switching paradigms. Basic burst assembly algorithms and their effect on assembled burst traffic characteristics are described first. Then a brief review of the early work on burst transmission is provided, followed by a description of a(More)
Compilers should be correct. To improve the quality of C compilers, we created Csmith, a randomized test-case generation tool, and spent three years using it to find compiler bugs. During this period we reported more than 325 previously unknown bugs to compiler developers. Every compiler we tested was found to crash and also to silently generate wrong code(More)
—For fractional-order differentiator where is a real number, its discretization is a key step in digital implementation. Two discretization methods are presented. The first scheme is a direct re-cursive discretization of the Tustin operator. The second one is a direct discretization method using the Al-Alaoui operator via continued fraction expansion (CFE).(More)
BACKGROUND Worldwide, grapes and their derived products have a large market. The cultivated grape species Vitis vinifera has potential to become a model for fruit trees genetics. Like many plant species, it is highly heterozygous, which is an additional challenge to modern whole genome shotgun sequencing. In this paper a high quality draft genome sequence(More)
— Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are designed to overcome limitations in connectivity due to conditions such as mobility, poor infrastructure, and short range radios. DTNs rely on the inherent mobility in the network to deliver packets around frequent and extended network partitions using a store-carry-and-forward paradigm. However, missed contact(More)
Deep-learning neural networks such as convolutional neural network (CNN) have shown great potential as a solution for difficult vision problems, such as object recognition. Spiking neural networks (SNN)-based architectures have shown great potential as a solution for realizing ultra-low power consumption using spike-based neuromorphic hardware. This work(More)
Long-term facilitation (LTF) of sensory neuron synapses in Aplysia is produced by either nonassociative or associative stimuli. Nonassociative LTF can be produced by five spaced applications of serotonin (5-HT) and requires a phosphoinosotide 3-kinase (PI3K)-dependent and rapamycin-sensitive increase in the local synthesis of the sensory neuron neuropeptide(More)
We address the problem of constructing a complete surface model of an object using a set of registered range images. The construction of the surface description is carried out on the set of registered range images. Our approach is based on a dynamic balloon model represented by a triangulated mesh. The vertices in the mesh are linked to their neighboring(More)