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A new emergency evacuation model based on Multi- Agent framework and Particle Swarm Optimization was presented. This model simulated human's individual behaviors and social behaviors in multi-exit evacuation environment. The Linear Weight Decreasing Particle Swarm Optimization (LWDPSO) was introduced to simulate individual's movement. A hierarchy of(More)
A novel emergency evacuation model based on a modified Particle Swarm Optimization was presented. The Linear Weight Decreasing Particle Swarm Optimization was introduced to simulate individualpsilas movement. Compared with social force model and CA model, the new model well performed evacuation result. A prototype system of emergency evacuation simulation(More)
As the wireless networks become more and more popular currently, how to guarantee the Quality of Service (QoS) for high bandwidth traffic is a prime concern. Compared with most existing Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols using only a single wireless channel as the transmission medium, multi-channel MAC protocols have attracted intensive attention(More)
  • Jonathan Tamil, Siew Hoon Ore, +5 authors Dr Surasit Chungpaiboonpatana
  • 2011
Increasing challenges are faced to ensure moldability with rapid advances in flip chip technology such as decreasing bump pitch and stand-off height, especially when commercial Moldable Underfill (MUF) is used and in particular, during panel level molding. One key challenge faced is severe void entrapment under the die. Experiments involving a large DOE(More)
J2EE based SIP application server is a scalable middleware for containing and managing SIP application. In this paper, a kind of SIP accelerator named SIP offload engine (SOE) is presented to improve server performance through offloading SIP message parsing, SIP transaction processing, security and transport layer connections management. The SIP application(More)
A chemically modified graphene paste electrode was prepared by incorporating appropriate amounts of graphene in a paste mixture, followed by electrodepositing Prussian blue (PB) and coating chitosan on the electrode surface. The electrode was able to bind ssDNA, and gave a better voltammetric response for complement DNA than did ordinary carbon paste(More)
A new shock absorber with the combined mechanical-electromagnetic-hydraulic structure is proposed to recycle the energy dissipated by shock absorber in the process of driving. The suspension system built on the new shock absorber is generally called hydraulic transmission electromagnetic energy-regenerative suspension. This paper presents the working(More)
Information hiding in Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) compressed images are investigated in this paper. Quantization is the source of information loss in JPEG compression process. Therefore, information hidden in images is probably destroyed by JPEG compression. This paper presents an algorithm to reliably embed information into the JPEG bit streams(More)
Taeniid tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus is the causative agent of Echinococcosis, an important zoonosis with worldwide distribution. In this study, a diagnostic antigen P-29 was cloned from E. granulosus and expressed in Escherichia coli. Sequence analysis showed that EgP-29 contains 717-bp open reading frame and encodes a protein of 238 amino acid(More)
Reputation systems are designed for reducing the risk entailed in interactions among total strangers in electronic marketplaces. Such systems can be used to collect and aggregate feedback on the past behavior of participants in electronic transactions, so as to derive reputation scores assumed to predict likely future behavior. Privacy and incentive are(More)