Yang Bingru

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In this paper, we introduced the overview of short text research and the short text classification firstly. On the foundation of several common used classic text classification algorithms, mainly according to the major feature extraction methods, the short text classification based on statistics and rules is proposed. Experiments show that this algorithm(More)
SARS is an acute infectious disease and can cause a large amount of death. Up until now we have not known it well. With the experimental results of micronutrients of 30 SARS patients and 30 non-SARS patients, using rough set theory we induce some classification rules. Attribute reduction results show that micronutrients Fe, Ca, K and Na are necessary and(More)
This paper presents the effectiveness of perceptual features and iterative classification approach for offline Arabic word images classification. Optimum word image feature extraction is the system which can obtain the minimum feature that completely represents the target for matching or classification. In this paper we develop the Arabic word image(More)
In order to reduce the scale and complexity, the decomposition methods of fuzzy cognitive maps for knowledge representation and reasoning are presented. Partition the vertices of original cognitive map into some groups, and then construct quotient cognitive map based on these groups. Thus, the analysis of the original FCM can be reduced to that of quotient(More)
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