Yang Arthur Zhang

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— A novel framework for residential smart energy systems is proposed. The model integrates the consumer behavior in the dynamics of the technological and environmental components of the system. The objective is to classify and optimize the whole system, which includes the dynamics of the consumer. The framework is based on Markov process, model detection(More)
Figure 1. Current-sensing calibration circuit consisting of an auxiliary switch Qa and a precision sensing resistor Rs in parallel with a main power switch Q. The auxiliary switch is turned on infrequently, only to perform on-line calibration of a lossless current sensing method. Abstract—In this paper, we describe a lossless current sensing method with(More)
The electrical transport through nanoscale contacts of ZnO nanowires bridging the interdigitated Au electrodes shows the negative differential resistance (NDR) effect. The NDR peaks strongly depend on the starting sweep voltage. The origin of NDR through nanoscale contacts between ZnO nanowires and metal electrodes is the electron charging and discharging(More)
—An approach for online current sensing calibration is presented where an auxiliary switch and a precision sense resistor are connected in parallel with a main power switch to achieve accuracy comparable to the sense resistor method, together with the advantage of essentially no additional power loss. The proposed current-sensing circuit and the calibration(More)
  • Shoudao Huang, Yang Zhang, Zhikang Shuai, S Catalão
  • 2016
This paper proposes an improved pulse-width modulation (PWM) strategy to reduce the capacitor voltage ripple in Z-source wind energy conversion system. In order to make sure that Z-source capacitor voltage has symmetrical maximum and minimum amplitudes in each active state, the shoot-through time is divided into six unequal parts. According to the active(More)
The aim of the presented study is to assess the impacts of climate change on hydropower production of the Toce Alpine river basin in Italy. For the meteorological forcing of future scenarios, time series were generated by applying a quantile-based error-correction approach to downscale simulations from two regional climate models to point scale. Beside a(More)
  • Vincent N Ojeh, A A Balogun, A A Okhimamhe, Yang Zhang
  • 2016
In this study, the hourly air temperature differences between City hall (urban) and Okoafo (rural) in Lagos, Nigeria, were calculated using one year of meteorological observations, from June 2014 to May 2015. The two sites considered for this work were carefully selected to represent their climate zones. The city core, City hall, is within the Local Climate(More)
  • Kopal Arora, Prasanjit Dash, Christina Anagnostopoulou, Yang Zhang
  • 2016
Tropical Cyclone (TC) systems affect global ocean heat transport due to mixing of the upper ocean and impact climate dynamics. A higher Sea Surface Temperature (SST), other influencing factors remaining supportive, fuels TC genesis and intensification. The atmospheric thermodynamic profile, especially the sea-air temperature contrast (SAT), also contributes(More)
Prognostics is necessary to ensure the reliability and safety of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles or satellites. This process can be achieved by capacity estimation, which is a direct fading indicator for assessing the state of health of a battery. However, the capacity of a lithium-ion battery onboard is difficult to monitor. This paper(More)
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