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5d and 3d hybrid solid-state oxide Ca2FeOsO6 crystallizes into an ordered double-perovskite structure with a space group of P2₁/n with high-pressures and temperatures. Ca2FeOsO6 presents a long-range ferrimagnetic transition at a temperature of ~320 K (T(c)) and is not a band insulator, but is electrically insulating like the recently discovered Sr2CrOsO6(More)
The crystal structure of the layered cobalt oxyfluoride Sr(2)CoO(3)F synthesized under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions has been determined from neutron powder diffraction and synchrotron powder diffraction data collected at temperatures ranging from 320 to 3 K. This material adopts the tetragonal space group I4/mmm over the measured(More)
Carbon-for-nitrogen substitution (51 at% at most) was achieved in the antiferromagnetic metallic host material Mn(3)ZnN. The various carbon-doped compounds were studied using synchrotron X-ray diffraction, and their electrical resistivities, specific heats, and degrees of magnetization were measured for temperatures of 2-400 K. The sharp(More)
The antiperovskite Mn(3)ZnN is studied by neutron diffraction at temperatures between 50 and 295 K. Mn(3)ZnN crystallizes to form a cubic structure at room temperature (C1 phase). Upon cooling, another cubic structure (C2 phase) appears at around 177 K. Interestingly, the C2 phase disappears below 140 K. The maximum mass concentration of the C2 phase is(More)
Data mining for data stream becomes important in academic areas. Due to large-scale data, people utilize incremental learning approach to handle the data. In this paper, a modified Support Vector Machine (SVM) incremental learning model is proposed. Through experiments of selecting kernel function for the SVM method, we optimize several parameters. Real(More)
Magnetize your chemistry! A facile hydrothermal synthetic route was developed for the synthesis of uniform NiS2 hollow spheres, which could be transformed into NiSe2 and NiTe2 hollow spheres through a chemical conversion process. Furthermore, NiS and NiO hollow spheres could be selectively obtained by calcination of NiS2 hollow spheres at different(More)
The postspinel mineral MgAl(2)O(4) exists only under the severe pressure conditions in the subducted oceanic lithosphere in the Earth's deep interior. Here we report that its analogous oxide CdRh(2)O(4) exhibits a structural transition to a quenchable postspinel phase under a high pressure of 6 GPa at 1400 °C, which is within the general pressure range of a(More)
Perovskite materials provide a large variety of interesting physical properties and applications. Here, we report on unique properties of a fully ordered magnetodielectric double-perovskite, Sc2NiMnO6 (space group P21/n, a = 4.99860 Å, b = 5.35281 Å, c = 7.34496 Å, and β = 90.7915°), exhibiting sequential magnetic transitions at T1 = 35 K and T2 = 17 K. The(More)
The polycrystalline MO2's (HP-PdF2-type MO2, M = Rh, Os, Pt) with high-pressure PdF2 compounds were successfully synthesized under high-pressure conditions for the first time, to the best of our knowledge. The crystal structures and electromagnetic properties were studied. Previously unreported electronic properties of the polycrystalline HP-PdF2-type RuO2(More)