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Most widely used geometric correction methods rely on ground control points to empirically determine a mathematical coordinate transformation to project the distorted image into the reference image. However, conventional methods usually employed the same correction formula in the whole image which few considered the seriously geometric distortion problem(More)
Small-target detection in infrared imagery with a complex background is always an important task in remotesensing fields. Complex clutter background usually results in serious false alarm in target detection for low contrast of infrared imagery. In this letter, a kernel-based nonparametric regression method is proposed for background prediction and clutter(More)
Understanding the scenes provided by very high resolution satellite (VHR) imagery has become a critical task. In this letter, we propose a new informative feature selection method for VHR scene classification. First, scale-invariant feature transform and speeded up robust feature operators are used to extract local features from the original VHR images to(More)