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To improve the convergence speed and obtain global optimization successfully, an improved self-adapting differential evolution algorithm (IADE) with parameters self-adaptation and a new mutation strategy is given in this paper. Utilizing the diversity of population information, IADE algorithm divides the population into three sub-populations according to(More)
An effective global harmony search algorithm (EGHS) is proposed to solve integer programming problems. The EGHS designs a novel location updating equation, which enables the improvised solution to move to the global best solution rapidly in each iteration. Random selection with a low probability is carried out for the improvised solution after updating(More)
To identify the mechanistic effects of AgO nanoparticles on Gram-positive bacteria, S. aureus cells suspended in phosphate buffer solution (PBS) and deionized water were separately treated using AgO nanoparticles at different concentrations. The phase composition changes of the bactericide after killing S. aureus and the cellular responses of S. aureus to(More)
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