Yanfeng Chen

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This paper investigates the interaction of fast-scale and slow-scale bifurcations in the boost converter under current-mode control operating in continuous conduction mode. Effects of varying some chosen parameters on the qualitative behaviors of the system are studied in detail. Analysis is performed to identify the different types of bifurcation.(More)
BACKGROUND Sulfatides (ST) are a category of sulfated galactosylceramides (GalCer) that are elevated in many types of cancer including, possibly, ovarian cancer. Previous evidence for elevation of ST in ovarian cancer was based on a colorimetric reagent that does not provide structural details and can also react with other lipids. Therefore, this study(More)
RENATI is an acronym for recontextualizing narratives for tangible interfaces. It serves as an umbrella term for our art/research experiments within a hybrid environment that uses oral narratives, and non-generative and immersive art with sensing technologies to create tangible narratives. In this paper we introduce our first prototype, which uses a(More)
Tangible Comics is a computer vision based full-body interactive storytelling environment that also functions as a comics generator. Prevailing applications of full-body computer vision have not utilized the full storytelling or performance potential of these environments.allOur aim is to produce an environment that can create a space for redefining the(More)
Sphingolipids (SP) are a complex class of molecules found in essentially all eukaryotes and some prokaryotes and viruses where they influence membrane structure, intracellular signaling, and interactions with the extracellular environment. Because of the combinatorial nature of their biosynthesis, there are thousands of SP subspecies varying in the lipid(More)