Yanfeng Albert Li

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ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would first of all like to thank Dr. Schrimpf for his continual support, confidence, and guidance throughout this project. Not only has Dr. Schrimpf been a tremendous source of assistance and encouragement, but I would not even be a graduate student if it were not for Dr. Schrimpf's quick responses to my numerous e-mails, and his(More)
Variability from different sources such as layout-dependent effects due to strain has been a main obstacle against aggressive design rules and reducing corner margins in 32nm node and beyond. This paper reports and demonstrates a model development and verification platform to accurately address layout dependences due to strain. This platform has been(More)
Process Design Kit (PDK) is becoming extremely complex in order to address variability from different sources such as layout-dependent effects at 28nm node and beyond. The increasing importance of layout parasitic also brings more complexity into PDK verifications. This paper reports and demonstrates a verification flow and platform to qualify the advanced(More)
Space applications using advanced foundry processes require accurate assessment of the dependence of total-ionizing dose (TID) response on process variability and layout. A new test chip is described to enable large sample of device measurements under irradiation. The variability of TID-induced leakage current and transistor mismatch both increase after(More)
Professor Sokrates T. Pantelides ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would first of all like to thank my husband Pierre who has been supportive and patient with me on my journey of attaining a Ph.D. He believed in me even when I did not believe in myself, he listened countless times to my presentations and helped me perfect them. I would also like to thank my parents and(More)
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