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Ensemble size is critical to the efficiency and performance of the ensemble Kalman filter, but when the ensemble size is small, the Kalman gain generally cannot be well estimated. To reduce the negative effect of spurious correlations, a regularization process applied on either the covariance or the Kalman gain seems to be necessary. In this paper, we(More)
Image matting aims at extracting foreground from a given image by means of color and alpha estimation. An automatic matting method based on saliency detection was proposed in this paper, which takes the advantages of saliency detection as prior information instead of user interaction. After getting the saliency map, a cost function was constructed to obtain(More)
In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), key management is the crucial aspect in its secure mechanism. Recently, many research on key management for WSNs are proposed by some predecessors. However, many schemes require the predeployment knowledge to generate keys, which is unrealistic in large-scale and dynamic sensor networks. A new key management scheme is(More)
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