Yanfei Xing

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We propose and experimentally demonstrate a simple and cost-effective ultra-flat optical frequency comb (OFC) generator by directly modulating a standalone dual-parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator (DP-MZM) with only one radio frequency (RF) signal without any other assisting devices. Five- and seven-tone OFC with exactly the same intensity can be theoretically(More)
Optical Nyquist pulse generation based on a time lens with subsequent optical filtering is proposed. A nearly chirp-free 10-GHz 8.1-ps Nyquist pulse generator is experimentally demonstrated. By inserting group velocity dispersion (GVD) between cascaded phase and amplitude modulators, 11 tones ultraflat optical frequency comb (OFC) of 10-GHz frequency(More)
We propose to insert group velocity dispersion between cascaded phase and amplitude modulation for ultraflat optical frequency comb (OFC) generation. With the dispersion, the sinusoidally varied chirp of the continuous wave light induced by phase modulation becomes linear within a relatively wide time interval. This is useful to improve the flatness of the(More)
We propose and demonstrate a novel scheme for clock recovery and simultaneous fourfold optical time-division demultiplexing using a dual-parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator based optoelectronic oscillator. 25-GHz prescaled optical clock with a 23% duty cycle and a 22-dB extinction ratio is successfully extracted from both 100-Gb/s on-off keying (OOK) and(More)
A novel multifunctional frequency-doubling optoelectronic oscillator (FD-OEO) mainly based on a Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) cascaded with a phase modulator (PM) and a subsequent optical bandpass filter (OBPF) is proposed. We experimentally demonstrate simultaneous operations of frequency-doubled optical clock (FD-OC) recovery, low-duty-cycle(More)
We present a summary of our recent progress in high-speed optical signal processing for optical time-division multiplexing, based on electro-optic modulators. Optical frequency-comb generation, optical Nyquist pulse generation, equivalent switching window expansion for demultiplexing, and simultaneously clock recovery and demultiplexing are realized by(More)
We present some optical signal processing methods for optical time-division multiplexing, based on electro-optic modulators. Dual-parallel Mach–Zehnder modulator and time-lens-based signal processing for optical frequency comb generation, optical Nyquist pulse generation and time-domain demultiplexing are realized. Multifunctional optoelectronic oscillators(More)
Storing CO2 in underground saline aquifers is an important way to reduce CO2 emission in atmosphere, where gas/fluid diffusion in clay plays a key role in CO2 leakage and migration. Various diffusivities, self-diffusivity, Maxwell-Stefan (M-S) diffusivity and Fick diffusivity, in clay interlayer are investigated by molecular dynamics (MD). Self-diffusivity(More)
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