Yanfang Lou

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Borates are among a class of compounds that exhibit rich structural diversity and find wide applications. The formation of edge-sharing (es-) BO4 tetrahedra is extremely unfavored according to Pauling's third and fourth rules. However, as the first and the only es-borate obtained under ambient pressure, es-KZnB3O6 shows an unexpected high thermal stability(More)
A new compound of BiLa1.4Ca0.6O4.2 is synthesized through solid state reaction, where the Ca substitutes, in part, the La site in a stable BiLa2O4.5 phase. The structure of the BiLa1.4Ca0.6O4.2 crystallizes in space group R3mH with a hexagonal lattice constants of a = 3.893(1) Å, c = 9.891(1) Å. Its optical absorption edge is about 2.05 eV, which just spans(More)
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