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The information about DNA-binding sites of regulatory protein is important to understanding the regulatory network of DNA-protein interactions in the genome. In this report we integrated chromatin immunoprecipitation with DNA cloning to isolate genomic sites bound in vivo by heat shock factor HsfA1a in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plantlets were subjected to(More)
The pre-metastatic niche educated by primary tumor-derived elements contributes to cancer metastasis. However, the role of host stromal cells in metastatic niche formation and organ-specific metastatic tropism is not clearly defined. Here, we demonstrate that lung epithelial cells are critical for initiating neutrophil recruitment and lung metastatic niche(More)
Cardiolipin is a major membrane polyglycerophospholipid that is required for the reconstituted activity of a number of key mitochondrial enzymes involved in energy metabolism. Cardiolipin is subjected to remodeling subsequent to its de novo biosynthesis to attain appropriate acyl composition for its biological functions. Yet, the enzyme(s) involved in the(More)
AIM To study the abnormal cytokeratin (CK) expression, emergence of CK19 with or without CK7, in liver parenchymal cells and the role of laminin (LN), a basement membrane protein, in this process. METHODS Six hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell lines were examined for different CKs, LN and its receptor by immunocytochemistry and Western blotting. Double(More)
High-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1), a non-histone nuclear protein, has been implicated in cardiovascular diseases. Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), one of the leading causes of heart failure, is often caused by coxsackievirus B3-triggered myocarditis and promoted by the post-infectious autoimmune process. Th17 cells, a novel CD4(+) T subset, may be important in(More)
This study was aimed to investigate the clinical features of CD56(+) patients with acute monocytic leukemia (AML-M5) and their prognostic significance. The data of 76 newly-diagnosed patients from our hospital were analyzed retrospectively. Patients were divided into two groups: CD56(+) group (21 patients) and CD56(-) group (55 patients). The clinical(More)
Prostaglandin G/H synthase (PGHS), a central enzyme for PG synthesis, is encoded by the constitutively expressed PGHS-1 and the inducible PGHS-2. The goal of this project was to study the regulation of PGHS-2 gene expression by PTH and its possible signaling pathways in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cultures. Bovine PTH-(1-34) at 0.01-10 nM increased PGHS-2, but(More)
Regulatory T cells can restrict the uncontrolled immune response and inflammation, avoiding pathologic immune injury to the host and thus playing important roles in the maintenance of immune homeostasis. Until recently, many subsets of CD4 and CD8 regulatory T cells have been reported. In this study, we identified CD11c(high)CD8(+) T cells as a new subset(More)
PIP60-1, a novel heteropolysaccharide isolated from fruiting bodies of the medicinal fungus, Phellinus igniarius, has a molecular weight of 1.71 x 10(4)Da and is composed of L-fucose, D-glucose, D-mannose, D-galactose and 3-O-Me-D-galactose in a ratio of 1:1:1:2:1. A structural investigation of PIP60-1 carried out using sugar and methylation analyses,(More)
Five species of dried mushrooms are commercially available in China, namely Agrocybe cylindracea, Pleurotus cystidiosus, Agaricus blazei, Pleurotus eryngii, and Coprinus comatus, and their nonvolatile taste components were studied. Trehalose (12.23-301.63mg/g) and mannitol (12.37-152.11mg/g) were considered as the major mushroom sugar/polyol in the five(More)