Yanfang Liu

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Rough set is a theory of data analysis and a mathematical tool for dealing with vagueness, incompleteness, and granularity. Matroid, as a branch of mathematics, is a structure that generalizes linear independence in vector spaces. In this paper, we establish the relationships between partition matroids and rough sets through k-rank matroids. On the one(More)
Rough set theory is a useful tool to deal with uncertain, granular and incomplete knowledge in information systems. And it is based on equivalence relations or partitions. Matroid theory is a structure that generalizes linear independence in vector spaces, and has a variety of applications in many fields. In this paper, we propose a new type of matroids,(More)
The theory of rough sets is concerned with the lower and upper approximations of objects through a binary relation on a universe. It has been applied to machine learning, knowledge discovery, and data mining. The theory of matroids is a generalization of linear independence in vector spaces. It has been used in combinatorial optimization and algorithm(More)
Land-use allocation is an important way to promote the intensive and economic use of land resources and achieve the goal of sustainable development. It is a complex spatial optimization problem, and heuristic algorithms have been one of the most effective ways to solve it in past studies. However, heuristic algorithms lack the guidance of planning(More)
Rough set is mainly concerned with the approximations of objects through an equivalence relation on a universe. Matroid is a combinatorial generalization of linear independence in vector spaces. In this paper, we define a para-metric set family, with any subset of a universe as its parameter, to connect rough sets and matroids. On the one hand, for a(More)
Measurements of user experience (UX) in traditional human-computer interaction studies mostly rely on task performance and self-report data. Recent research has showed that physiological measures are good indicators of cognitive involvement and emotional arousal and are suggested being used as a complementary measure of UX. This paper reports a preliminary(More)
Heavy metal pollution in soil is becoming a widely concerning environmental problem in China. The aim of this study is to integrate multiple sources of data, namely total Cu and Pb contents, digital elevation model (DEM) data, remote sensing image and interpreted land-use data, for mapping the spatial distribution of total Cu and Pb contamination in top(More)