Yandong Niu

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Follicle-stimulating hormone beta subunit (FSHβ) and luteinizing hormone beta subunit (LHβ) have been cloned and characterized from the pituitary of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella). The full length of FSHβ and LHβ cDNA was 393 bp and 441 bp, with open reading frame encoding proteins of 130 and 146 amino acids, respectively. Phylogenetic analysis of the(More)
Malignant melanoma is a highly metastatic cancer, and has a poor prognosis once metastasis has occurred. E-cadherin downregulation is associated with a poorer prognosis in various types of cancer, including lung, ovarian, cervical and prostate. In the majority of cancer cell lines, E-cadherin upregulation inhibits cell motility, migration and invasiveness,(More)
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