Yandi Naranjo

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The number of existing protein sequences spans a very small fraction of sequence space. Natural proteins have overcome a strong negative selective pressure to avoid the formation of insoluble aggregates. Stably folded globular proteins and intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) use alternative solutions to the aggregation problem. While in globular(More)
Metallothioneins (MTs) are a superfamily of Cys-rich polypeptides that bind heavy metal ions, both for physiological and detoxification purposes. They are present in all organisms, but their origin is probably polyphyletic, so that MT evolutionary studies are rather scarce. We present a thorough search and analysis of the MT coding sequences in the 12(More)
An attempt to use the "surface fixation" method for the detection of antigen-antibody reactions with VDRL and Treponema pallidum has given results which corroborate conventional serological findings in patients suspected of being infected with this organism. The test is performed over strips of filter paper in which mixtures of the serum with the antigen(More)
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