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Food safety has become an important food quality attribute.Both food industry and authorities need to be able to trace back and to authenticate food products and raw materials used for food production to comply with legislation and to meet the food safety and food quality requirements. Traceability is increasingly becoming a necessary task in the food(More)
In this letter, a novel Ultra-Wideband wearable antenna with dual-notched-band is proposed. Firstly, an original UWB characteristic is achieved by using a modified microstrip-fed monopole hexagonal antenna. Secondly, a defected microstrip (DMS) slot is etched on the microstrip feed line to produce a notch band for WiMAX system. Thirdly, a defected ground(More)
In this paper, a novel diplexer with a common square ring resonator for WCDMA system is proposed. A square ring resonator is perturbed by a square patch, and two degenerated modes are excited. Each mode is designed for an individual channel of the diplexer. Then two hairpin resonator is designed and coupled to the common dual-mode resonator. In order to(More)
Hyperspectral imaging technology was employed to detect slight bruises on Korla pears. The spectral data of 60 bruised samples and 60 normal samples were collected by a hyperspectral imaging system. To select the characteristic wavelengths for detection, several chemometrics methods were used on the raw spectra. Firstly, principal component analysis (PCA)(More)