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This letter discusses an experimental demonstration of a rapidly switching all-optical packet routing system with optical-label switching and all-optical label-swapping capabilities. The optical routing system optically extracts the subcarrier optical-label content, compares it against the forwarding table, makes packet forwarding and label-swapping(More)
Optical packet switching can seamlessly integrate data networking and optical networking [1]. Recent advances in optical technology make it possible to create systems with the capability to do switching in multiple domains (time, space and wavelength). Time-slot-interchange (TSI) is a form of network switching in time domain. Previous experimental TSI(More)
This paper discusses optical-label switching and an experimental demonstration of high-speed all-optical packet switching with all-optical label-swapping capabilities. The subcarrier optical-label content was optically extracted and compared against the forwarding table, which induced packet forwarding as well as label-swapping decisions. The alloptical(More)
A novel control method for the walking assistance device using predefined walking trajectory used to walk for the elderly or the patients with weak leg muscle on stairs from plain more safely and naturally is proposed in this paper. Two control method, torque control and impedance control, used per their usage purpose are introduced, and the later one is(More)
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