Yanchun Liu

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BACKGROUND Medicinal plants used by the local people in Xizang (Tibet) have been investigated since the 1960s. The others out of Xizang, however, have been less understood, although they may be easily and strongly influenced by the various local herbal practices, diverse environments, local religious beliefs and different prevalent types of diseases. In(More)
Receptor tyrosine kinase ROR1, an embryonic protein involved in organogenesis, is expressed in certain hematological malignancies and solid tumors, but is generally absent in adult tissues. This makes the protein an ideal drug target for cancer therapy. In order to assess the suitability of ROR1 as a cell surface antigen for targeted therapy of lung(More)
The rationalistic theories of morality emphasize that reasoning plays an important role in moral judgments and prosocial behavior. Theory of mind as a reasoning ability in the mental domain has been considered a facilitator of moral development. The present study examined whether theory of mind was consistently positively associated with morality from(More)
Can adults make fair moral judgments when individuals with whom they have different relationships are involved? The present study explored the fairness of adults' relationship-based moral judgments in two respects by performing three experiments involving 999 participants. In Experiment 1, 65 adults were asked to decide whether to harm a specific person to(More)
The forest canopy cover can directly and indirectly affect soil conditions and hence soil carbon emission through soil respiration. Little is known, however, on the effects of canopy cover on soil respiration under the canopy of different tree species and soil water conditions. We have examined the variation in soil respiration at different soil water(More)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) type 58 is a high-risk type of HPV frequently detected in cervical cancers, especially in Eastern Asia. There are still no commercially available vaccines against HPV 58 infection. High levels of long-lasting neutralizing antibodies are crucial for long-term protection against HPV infection. Here, we have developed a two-step(More)