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—Mobile cloud computing utilizing cloudlet is an emerging technology to improve the quality of mobile services. In this paper, to better overcome the main bottlenecks of the computation capability of cloudlet and the wireless bandwidth between mobile devices and cloudlet, we consider the multi-resource allocation problem for the cloudlet environment with(More)
Chemoresistance is a poor prognostic factor in breast cancer and is a major obstacle to the successful treatment of patients receiving chemotherapy. However, the precise mechanism of resistance remains unclear. In this study, a pair of breast cancer cell lines, MCF-7 and its adriamycin-resistant counterpart MCF-7/ADR was used to examine resistance-dependent(More)
The sewage system functions as an important public infrastructure. The survived microbial population inside the sewage system plays an important role in the biochemical process during wastewater transportation within the system. The study aims to investigate the microbial communities spatial distribution inside manholes and sewage pipes by using the massive(More)
Contemporary DBMS systems already use data-partitioning and data-flow analysis for intra-query parallelism. We study the problem of identifying data-partitioning targets. To rank candidates, we propose a simple cost model that relies on plan structure, operator cost and selectivity for a given base table. We evaluate this model in various optimization(More)
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