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Theoretical studies indicate that a transmission data rate of up to gigabits per second can be achieved over low-voltage (LV) indoor power-line cables. Achieving a very high data rate (up to 480 Mb/s) is expected by applying WiMedia multiband-orthogonal frequency-divison multiplexing (MB-OFDM) standard for wireless ultra-wideband (UWB) communication over(More)
Most of the potential function expressions subjected to function finding contain constant terms. Gene Expression Programming (GEP)’s effectiveness of function finding has been severely limited due to a lack of constant creating ability. Though this issue has been realized and discussed by many GEP researchers, an efficient method has never been established.(More)
Transliteration is an important foundation of cross lingual information processing technology. In order to solve the transliteration problem of Khmer person name, a syllabification model of Khmer person name with Dirichlet process was proposed in the paper. Dirichlet process model was employed to syllabify the Khmer person name. We used Conditional random(More)
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