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Plentiful awn variations have been discovered in hexaploid wheats, while less were observed in diploid and tetraploid wheats. However, a double ditelosomic line of 6B (dDT6B) in tetraploid wheat cultivar DR147 specifically displayed awnless phenotype, which arised from the presence of awning inhibitor B2 located in telosome 6BL derived from hexaploid wheat(More)
The isthmic organiser located at the midbrain-hindbrain boundary (MHB) is the crucial developmental signalling centre responsible for patterning mesencephalic and metencephalic regions of the vertebrate brain. Formation and maintenance of the MHB is characterised by a hierarchical program of gene expression initiated by fibroblast growth factor 8 (Fgf8),(More)
AIMS Tropomyosin (Tpm) proteins, encoded by four Tpm genes (Tpm1-4), are associated with the stabilization of the F-actin filaments and play important roles in modulating muscle contraction. So far, little is known about Tpm4 function in embryonic heart development and its involvement in the cardiovascular diseases. In this study, we investigated functions(More)
Congenital and progressive hearing impairment is a common distressing disease. The progressive dominant hearing loss DFNA28 in human is associated with a frameshift mutation of Grainyhead-like 2 (GRHL2) but its etiology and mechanism remain unknown. Here we report a zebrafish grhl2b(T086) mutant line in which grhl2b expression is interrupted by an insertion(More)
Graphene-nanosheet-based highly porous magnetite nanocomposites (GN-HPMNs) have been prepared using a simple solvothermal method and used as an immobilization matrix for the fabrication of a solid-state electrochemiluminescence (ECL) sensor on paper-based chips. Highly porous Fe3O4 nanocrystal clusters were coated with acrylate and wrapped tightly on the(More)
A simple, rapid and sensitive sensing platform for the detection of As(III) has been fabricated in neutral media based on the mercaptoethylamine modified Au electrode. A wide detection range of 0.2-300 μg L(-1) and a low detection limit of 0.02 μg L(-1) were obtained with a preconcentration time of 100 s under optimal conditions. Compared with previous(More)
Reduced graphene oxide/PAMAM-silver nanoparticles nanocomposite (RGO-PAMAM-Ag) was synthesized by self-assembly of carboxyl-terminated PAMAM dendrimer (PAMAM-G3.5) on graphene oxide (GO) as growing template, and in-situ reduction of both AgNO(3) and GO under microwave irradiation. The RGO-PAMAM-Ag nanocomposite was used as a novel immobilization matrix for(More)
The Nup107-160 multiprotein subcomplex is essential for the assembly of nuclear pore complexes. The developmental functions of individual constituents of this subcomplex in vertebrates remain elusive. In particular, it is unknown whether Nup107 plays an important role in development of vertebrate embryos. Zebrafish nup107 is maternally expressed and its(More)
In this work, a novel and universal ion sensing platform was presented, which enables the visual detection of various ions with high sensitivity and selectivity. Coaxial potential signals (millivolt-scale) of the sample from the self-referencing (SR) ion selective chip can be transferred into the ad620-based amplifier with an output of volt-scale(More)