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High levels of VEGF and leptin are strongly linked to worse prognosis of breast cancer. Leptin signalling upregulates VEGF in human and mouse mammary tumor cells (MT), but the specific molecular mechanisms are largely unknown. Pharmacologic and genetic approaches were used to dissect the mechanism of leptin regulation of VEGF protein and mRNA in MT (4T1,(More)
We have shown previously that treatment with pegylated leptin peptide receptor antagonist 2 (PEG-LPrA2) reduced the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), vascular endothelial growth factor receptor type 2 (VEGFR2) and growth of 4T1-breast cancer (BC) in syngeneic mice. In this investigation, PEG-LPrA2 was used to evaluate whether the(More)
Previous work on knowledge tracing has fit parameters per skill (ignoring differences between students), per student (ignoring differences between skills), or independently for each <student, skill> pair (risking sparse training data and overfitting, and undergeneralizing by ignoring overlap of students or skills across pairs). To address these limitations,(More)
We study the problem of estimating the continuous response over time of interventions from observational time series—a retrospective dataset where the policy by which the data are generated are unknown to the learner. We are motivated by applications where response varies by individuals and therefore, estimating responses at the individual-level are(More)
A challenge in estimating students’ changing knowledge from sequential observations of their performance arises when each observed step involves multiple subskills. To overcome this mismatch in grain size between modelled skills and observed actions, we use logistic regression over each step’s subskills in a dynamic Bayes net (LR-DBN) to model transition(More)
Humans and other animals can attend to one of multiple sounds, and -follow it selectively over time. The neural underpinnings of this perceptual feat remain mysterious. Some studies have concluded that sounds are heard as separate streams when they activate well-separated populations of central auditory neurons, and that this process is largely(More)
PURPOSE Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase plays a critical role in the recognition and repair of DNA single-strand breaks and double-strand breaks (DSBs). ABT-888 is an orally available inhibitor of this enzyme. This study seeks to evaluate the use of ABT-888 combined with chemotherapy and radiation therapy (RT) in colorectal carcinoma models. METHODS AND(More)
Knowledge tracing (KT) is widely used in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) to measure student learning. Inexpensive portable electroencephalography (EEG) devices are viable as a way to help detect a number of student mental states relevant to learning, e.g. engagement or attention. In this paper, we combine such EEG measures with KT to improve estimates of(More)
Routing is one of the most challenging open problems in pocket-switched-networks (PSN). In this paper, we propose a novel co-route media content forwarding scheme (CRMF), in which new contact opportunities are created for occasionally disconnected mobile users. Our study is inspired by two observations: one is that many people tend to make regular journeys(More)