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Carrier aggregation (CA) is one technique in Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) system, which can extend the bandwidth up to 100MHz and increase the downlink and uplink spectral efficiency. In particular, NxDFT-s-OFDM has been agreed as the uplink bandwidth extension scheme. Nevertheless, the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) remains an important issue(More)
To find aldose reductase inhibitors, two previously unreported compounds, grandifolias H and I, and five known compounds, including rosmarinic acid and rosmarinic acid derivatives, were isolated from the roots of Salvia grandifolia. A series of rosmarinic acid derivatives was obtained from rosmarinic acid using simple synthetic methods. The aldose reductase(More)
The exponentially growing mobile data usage in recent years pushes the evolution of cellular network technologies to the 4th generation which is the Long Term Evolution (LTE) system. Providing good coverage for indoor users is essential for LTE system since it is estimated that indoor data traffic dominates nearly 80% of the total volume of data traffic.(More)
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