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An effective method for obtaining resistant transgenic plants is to induce RNA silencing by expressing virus-derived dsRNA in plants and this method has been successfully implemented for the generation of different plant lines resistant to many plant viruses. Inverted repeats of the partial Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) movement protein (MP) gene and the(More)
With continued expansion of Cucurbita pepo L. cultivation, viral diseases affecting the crop have become more serious in recent years, causing enormous losses in yield and quality. A virus sample was obtained from Wenshui in Shanxi province, China. Double-stranded RNA technology and sequence-independent amplification (SIA) were used to identify the virus(More)
To identity the pathogen that causes the mosaic and yellowing symptoms on Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz in Jiangxian, Shanxi province, biological inoculation, sequence-independent amplification (SIA),RT-PCR and other identification methods were used. The results showed that the chlorotic and necrosis symptoms occurred in the indicator plant Chenopodium(More)
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