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BACKGROUND Early intensive insulin therapy in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes might improve beta-cell function and result in extended glycaemic remissions. We did a multicentre, randomised trial to compare the effects of transient intensive insulin therapy (continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion [CSII] or multiple daily insulin injections(More)
In this paper we describe a new hardware/software partitioning approach for embedded reconfigurable architectures consisting of a general-purpose processor (CPU), a dynamically reconfigurable datapath (e.g. an FPGA), and a memory hierarchy. We have developed a framework called Nimble that automatically compiles system-level applications specified in C to(More)
Since 2003, H5N1 influenza viruses have caused over 400 known cases of human infection with a mortality rate greater than 60%. Most of these cases resulted from direct contact with virus-contaminated poultry or poultry products. Although only limited human-to-human transmission has been reported to date, it is feared that efficient human-to-human(More)
Energy dissipation is a hot topic in the design of – especially mobile – embedded systems. This is because applications like digital video cameras, cellular phones etc. draw their current from batteries that spend a limited amount of energy only. In this paper we show that energy-conscious HW/SW-partitioning can lead to drastic reductions of energy(More)
—Power estimation and optimization has become a key issue in embedded system design, especially in the rapidly growing market of mobile handheld computing, communication, internet devices that are driven by battery power. It is of paramount importance to estimate and optimize power of those systems during an early design stage at a high level of abstraction(More)
OBJECTIVE The widespread clinical application of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is limited by the lack of generally accepted reference values. This multicenter study aims to establish preliminary normal reference values for CGM parameters in a sample of healthy Chinese subjects. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 434 healthy individuals with(More)
Fufang Xue Shuan Tong (FXST) capsules, a traditional Chinese medicine, have been used to treat diabetic nephropathy for many years. FXST has been shown to attenuate elevated levels of oxidative stress in the retina of diabetic rats. However, whether FXST protects kidneys through the same mechanism(s) remains unclear. In this study, diabetes was induced in(More)