Yanbing Jiang

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Context-aware applications often consist of a middleware and a collection of services, which run autonomously adaptive to the changing environments, where a variety of sensors are installed in physical facilities, with end-users moving around. Testing such context-aware applications is challenging due to the complex interactions among the components,(More)
The modeling technical in SOA needs to refer the architecture of UML/MDA modeling language. Modelers in different fields and levels are expected to have some capability of extending original modeling language. To make up the gap between the theoretical architecture of standard modeling language and the modelers’ limited modeling capability, this paper(More)
The execution process is critical to the success of a software outsourcing service. It defines the major roles and activities involved in delivering the outsourced software. This paper presents a process-oriented software outsourcing decision approach, which helps a client selecting appropriate vendors and defining the execution process that both the client(More)
  • Yanbing Jiang
  • 2012 International Conference on Image Analysis…
  • 2012
We present a profile of imaging three-dimensional ladar (I3DL), where the range information is obtained by time of flight method from two different gains intensified two-dimensional (2D) images. The effect of optical transfer function on range resolution was studied in range images captured by I3DL. The edge response method was used to calculate modulation(More)
High quality and ambulatory measurements of biosignal, especially some weak biopotential signals with amplitude less than 1 μV is significant for the follow-up applications and is still challenging. This paper presents a new low-noise, high-performance active electrode design for such weak biosignal measurements. The proposed active electrode is(More)