Yanbing Jiang

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Context-aware applications often consist of a middleware and a collection of services, which run autonomously adaptive to the changing environments, where a variety of sensors are installed in physical facilities, with end-users moving around. Testing such context-aware applications is challenging due to the complex interactions among the components,(More)
This paper is concerned with mining link spams (e.g., link farm and link exchange) from search engine optimization (SEO) forums. To provide quality services, it is critical for search engines to address web spam. Several techniques such as TrustRank, BadRank, and SpamRank have been proposed for this purpose. Most of these methods try to downgrade the(More)
The execution process is critical to the success of a software outsourcing service. It defines the major roles and activities involved in delivering the outsourced software. This paper presents a process-oriented software outsourcing decision approach, which helps a client selecting appropriate vendors and defining the execution process that both the client(More)
In large scale data centers, with the increasing amount of user data, Triple Disk Failure Tolerant arrays (3DFTs) gain much popularity due to their high reliability and low monetary cost. With the development of cloud computing, scalability becomes a challenging issue for disk arrays like 3DFTs. Although previous solutions improves the efficiency of RAID(More)
Although standards and tools of model transformation have gradually improved in recent years, a theoretical system about model transformation from the integrity perspective has not been put forward, which is important for building the model transformation process strategy and determining the feasibility and reversibility of a model transformation. This(More)