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1 Interval type-2 fuzzy sets (IT2 FS) provide us with additional degrees of freedom to represent the uncertainty and the fuzziness of the real word than traditional type-1 fuzzy sets. In this paper, we investigate the fuzzy multi-attribute group decision making (FMAGDM) problems in which all the information provided by the decision makers (DMs) is expressed(More)
Although there has been much experimental work on floral traits that are under selection from mutualists and antagonists, selection by abiotic environmental factors on flowers has been largely ignored. Here we test whether pollen susceptibility to rain damage could have played a role in the evolution of the reproductive architecture of Davidia involucrata,(More)
Long non-coding RNA urothelial carcinoma associated 1 (UCA1) was first identified in bladder cancer tissues. High expression of UCA1 in bladder cancer has suggested it may serve as a potential diagnostic molecular marker for bladder cancer. Subsequent research in bladder cancer cell lines showed that UCA1 can promote cell proliferation, but the underlying(More)
BACKGROUND Candida albicans is a human commensal that is also responsible for chronic gastritis and peptic ulcerous disease. Little is known about the genetic profiles of the C. albicans strains in the digestive tract of dyspeptic patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence, diversity, and genetic profiles among C. albicans isolates(More)
Cloud model is a cognitive model which represents the fuzziness and randomness with three digital characteristics, i.e. expectation, entropy and hyper-entropy. The normal cloud model is one of the most important cloud models, which is composed of 2nd-order normal distribution. The normal cloud model is usually expressed in qualitative concept with(More)
Pseudometallophytes are excellent models to study microevolution and local adaptation to soil pollution, as they can grow both on metalliferous and contrasting non-metalliferous soils. Although, there has been accumulating evidence for the effects of edaphic conditions and geographical isolation on the genetic structure of pesudometallophytes, it is still a(More)