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— Several reputation systems have been proposed for mobile ad-hoc networks in order to stimulate cooperation among mobile nodes. However, whether or not the mobile nodes will agree on the reputation of other nodes is not studied. In this paper, we present a formal specification and analysis of a general class of mechanisms to locally update the reputation(More)
The oleaginous yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides, which belongs to the Pucciniomycotina subphylum in the Basidiomycota, has attracted strong interest in the biofuel community recently due to its ability to accumulate more than 60% of dry biomass as lipid under high-density fermentation. A 3,543-nucleotide (nt) DNA fragment of the glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate(More)
Rhodosporidium toruloides is a β-carotenoid accumulating, oleaginous yeast that has great biotechnological potential. The lack of reliable and efficient genetic manipulation tools have been a major hurdle blocking its adoption as a biotechnology platform. We report for the first time the development of a highly efficient targeted gene deletion method in R.(More)
Experience in clinical practice and research in systems pharmacology suggested the limitations of the current one-drug-one-target paradigm in new drug discovery. Single-target drugs may not always produce desired physiological effects on the entire biological system, even if they have successfully regulated the activities of their designated targets. On the(More)
BGP route selection is increasingly being used by ASes to achieve interdomain traffic engineering objectives. One fundamental feature of route selection for interdomain traffic engineering is that routes for a set of destinations be chosen jointly to satisfy traffic engineering constraints and meet traffic engineering objectives. In this paper, we present a(More)
Wireless and portable devices depend on the limited power supplied by the battery. Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) is an effective method to reduce CPU power consumption by adjusting CPU voltage. For real-time systems, DVS algorithms must also guarantee that no job misses its deadline. In this paper, we propose an integrated approach for applying DVS to(More)
Grid computing supports shared access to computing resources from cooperating organizations or institutes in the form of virtual organizations. Resource brokering middleware, commonly known as a meta-scheduler or a resource broker, matches jobs to distributed resources. Recent advances in meta- scheduling capabilities are extended to enable resource(More)