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The conception of smart health home (SHH) is proposed in recent years with aging of population. Automatic processing of monitoring data becomes essential for SHH. Intelligent data analysis system based on autoregressive models (AR-models) is developed for SHH on-line monitoring data analysis. This system has three components, including AR-models(More)
Motion estimation is the most time consuming part of the video coding because of its complexity. A novel fast block matching motion estimation algorithm named Long-Rood fast motion estimation algorithm based on starting search point prediction is proposed for real-time video coding. A number of standard test sequences are adopted for performance comparison(More)
It is no secret the population is rapidly aging. Aged people are easily tortured by many diseases. So the needs of aged people's healthcare are enormous, this needs bring many opportunities for community healthcare system. A Web-based community healthcare system (WBCHS) is introduced. In WBCHS, the robotized care bed is used as the client, which is located(More)
A community intelligent tele-monitoring and healthcare system (CITMHS) based on video monitoring technology was developed. It has the functions of monitoring, healthcare and telediagnosis. A simple hybrid wavelet-DCT video-coding method was proposed to improve the real-time performance of the CITMHS. With the wavelet-DCT method, intraframe pictures of the(More)
Non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) curves are fit for representation of motion trajectory. It is popular that digital signal processor (DSP) is used as computerized numerical control (CNC) and motion controller. But existing NURBS algorithms is not configured to meet different speed and precision requirements in different applications, and computation(More)
More and more robots are integrated in our daily life environment, human-robot interaction is one of the main characteristics of these robots. The service robot must have plenty of sensors to apperceive the environment, understand human's intention. Then the robot's behavior can be conformed with the social rules via pose, expression, voice, multimedia and(More)
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