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A fluorescence fiber sensor based on step-index multimode optical fibers is simulated and design by beam propagation method with Beamprop module of Rsoft-CAD software, in the requirement of the much more exciting light in fluorescent material coated on the fiber core. The normalized exciting light power in the coating layer is calculated and analyzed.(More)
We measured the hydrostatic pressure dependence of the birefringence and birefringent dispersion of a Sagnac interferometric sensor incorporating a length of highly birefringent photonic crystal fiber using Fourier analysis. Sensitivity of both the phase and chirp spectra to hydrostatic pressure is demonstrated. Using this analysis, phase-based measurements(More)
We generalize a model for friction at a sliding interface involving the motion of misfit dislocations to include the effect of thermally activated transitions across barriers. We obtain a comparatively simple form with the absolute zero-temperature Peierls barrier replaced by an effective Peierls barrier which varies exponentially with temperature, in(More)
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