Yanbang Zhang

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In this Letter, a new algorithm is proposed to detect salient regions by combining spatial and spectral information. First, the input image is considered in both RGB color space and Lab color space. Second, the biggest symmetric surround model and spectral residual are calculated in each channel simultaneously. Third, the feature maps in some color channels(More)
Object detection in very high resolution (VHR) optical remote sensing images is one of the most fundamental but challenging problems in the field of remote sensing image analysis. As object detection is usually carried out in feature space, effective feature representation is very important to construct a high-performance object detection system. During the(More)
In this paper, the salient region detection problem is investigated by using background contrast. Since background colors usually appear near image border, and all background colors can be mainly represented by the colors in the image boundary, the boundary-based model is established via computing the different between the intern colors and the boundary(More)
The problem of delay-dependent asymptotic stability for neural networks with time-varying delays is investigated. The interval of the time delay is divided into two subintervals by introducing an arbitrary interior point. By choosing an augmented Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional and checking its variation in the two subintervals, respectively, two novel(More)
This paper focuses on the adaptive control problems for a class of interconnected systems. The nonLinear uncertainties of the systems under study are bounded by polynomial functions with unknown gains. Firstly, the adaptive feedback controller is proposed to guarantee the stabiLity of the closed-loop system. Then the proposed adaptive idea is extended to(More)
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