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BACKGROUND High-throughput sequencing makes it possible to rapidly obtain thousands of 16S rDNA sequences from environmental samples. Bioinformatic tools for the analyses of large 16S rDNA sequence databases are needed to comprehensively describe and compare these datasets. RESULTS FastGroupII is a web-based bioinformatics platform to dereplicate large(More)
The elongation cycle of protein synthesis involves the delivery of aminoacyl-transfer RNAs to the aminoacyl-tRNA-binding site (A site) of the ribosome, followed by peptide-bond formation and translocation of the tRNAs through the ribosome to reopen the A site. The translocation reaction is catalysed by elongation factor G (EF-G) in a GTP-dependent manner.(More)
Molecular dynamics (MD) is an important atomistic simulation technique, with widespread use in computational chemistry, biology, and materials. An important limitation of MD is that the time step size is small, requiring a large number of iterations to simulate realistic time spans. Conventional parallelization is not very effective for this. We recently(More)
We recently proposed a new approach to parallelization, by decomposing the time domain, instead of the conventional space domain. This improves latency tolerance, and we demonstrated its effectiveness in a practical application, where it scaled to much larger numbers of processors than conventional parallelization. This approach is fundamentally based on(More)
In the past few years, there has been a trend of providing increased computing power through greater number of cores on a chip, rather than through higher clock speeds. In order to exploit the available computing power, applications need to be parallelized efficiently. We consider the solution of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) on multicore(More)
Molecular dynamics is a popular technique to simulate the behavior of physical systems, with resolution at the atomic scale. One of its limitations is that an enormous computational effort is required to simulate to realistic time spans. Conventional parallelization strategies have limited effectiveness in dealing with this difficulty. We recently(More)
The mechanical resonance of structures is often blamed for their collapse. In the attempt to prevent such usually catastrophic events, the identification of the natural frequencies has usually become a constituent part of the design activity of mechanical structures. Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) are small size unmanned aircraft. This study aims to give a place(More)
Data fusion is an important method for saving energy in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). For the applications of the WSNs most widely use numerical data, multi-sensor data fusion TMMDF algorithm is designed in this paper. TMMDF algorithm uses Dixon method to eliminate negligent errors in the original data. Then we use OLSF support function to calculate data(More)