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SL2B aptamer and folic acid dual-targeting DNA nanostructures for synergic biological effect with chemotherapy to combat colorectal cancer
DOX@TD-2F2S exhibited a synergic anticancer biological effect with chemotherapy and can be a promising strategy for treating colorectal cancer.
Polypeptide-engineered DNA tetrahedrons for targeting treatment of colorectal cancer via apoptosis and autophagy.
Site-specific anchoring aptamer C2NP on DNA origami nanostructures for cancer treatment
The results revealed that Apt anchored DNA nanostructures not only are potential carriers for precise therapy, but also supply a strategy to enhance the bioactivity of aptamers.
horing aptamer C 2 NP on DNA origami nanostructures for cancer treatment †
School of Pharmaceutical Science, Zhengzho P. R China. E-mail: zhaoyx@zzu.edu.cn; F 67739165 Key Laboratory of Targeting Therapy and Province, Zhengzhou, Henan 450001, P. R C Institute for Biological