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In order to obtain higher light output power, the flip-chip structure is used. We studied the ratio of the light of GaN sides before and after fabricating metal reflector on p-GaN. The SiO2/SiN x dielectric film reflectors were deposited through plasma enhance chemical vapor deposition following the fabrication of metal reflector, and then the dielectric(More)
Graphene GaN-based Schottky ultraviolet detectors are fabricated. The monolayer graphene is grown by chemical vapor deposition. The graphene is much more transparent than metals, as confirmed by the fact that our devices retain their high responsivity up to 360-nm wavelength (corresponding to the band edge absorption of GaN). Importantly, by virtue of the(More)
In this paper, a design of memory built-in self-test based on JTAG interface circuit applied in Power line communication chip is implemented with SMIC 0.18um CMOS 1P5M process. The memory built-in self-test circuit mainly includes JTAG interface and memory test circuits. Test data and test instruction can be sent and received through only 5 JTAG interface(More)
After the surface treatment with concentrate sulfuric acid, the sheet resistance of ITO layer is unchanged, while the surface roughness increased. When the 70–100nm ITO layer is eroded by the concentrate sulfuric acid for 480 seconds, its reflectivity decreased and the transmittance significantly increased. It can improve the optical properties of(More)
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