YanLiang Jin

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mesh is a network topology that achieves high throughput and stable intercommunication. With great potential, it's expected to be the key architecture of the future network. Wireless sensor networks are an active research area with numerous workshops and conferences arranged each year. This paper designs a new routing metric for wireless mesh sensor(More)
This paper reports on the performance of the spatial matching schemes for space time coded MIMO system with spatially redundant antennas. The scheme guides the transmitted signal onto the RF branches or eigenmodes with higher gain coefficients. The carried out theoretical analysis shows the scheme can achieve a higher channel capacity and lower SER (symbol(More)
Prolonging lifetime of directional sensor networks is one of the hot topics these days because of vast application of these kinds of sensors. Since, the depletion of energy from one sensor indicates a lack of information being communicated from one part of the network. Hence, managing energy consumption of each sensor becomes critical. In this paper one(More)
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