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By incorporating an additional recovery compartment in the SLBS model, a new model, known as the SLBRS model, is proposed in this paper. The qualitative properties of this model are investigated. The result shows that the dynamic behavior of the model is determined by a threshold R0. Specially, virus-free equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable if R0(More)
Data aggregation is an efficient technique widely used in Internet of Things (IOT) to collect statistics about data of interest. However, the resource-limited and the inherent unreliability of wireless transmission makes the sensors in the IOT are vulnerable to many attacks. Hence, how to design an efficient and secure data aggregation mechanism becomes(More)
The provision of Quality of Service (QoS) in wireless network becomes very important. IEEE 802.11e standard was introduced to enhance the Media Access Control (MAC) layer operations to provide the QoS experienced by traffic flows. But only IEEE 802.11e can not guarantee network congestion avoidance and traffic QoS especially to multimedia traffics. So, an(More)
BACKGROUND Acrylamide (AA), a known neurotoxin, has been considered to be a probable human carcinogen. The discovery of AA in many common foods in 2002 has caused worldwide attention and led to numerous research efforts on the metabolism of AA. METHODS By collecting research literatures related to metabolism of AA, the present review not only summarized(More)
This paper examines the propagation behavior of computer virus under human intervention. A dynamical model describing the spread of computer virus, under which a susceptible computer can become recovered directly and an infected computer can become susceptible directly, is proposed. Through a qualitative analysis of this model, it is found that the(More)
All the known models describing the propagation of virus codes were based on the assumption that a computer is uninfected at the time it is being connected to the Internet. In reality, however, it is much likely that infected computers are connected to the Internet. This paper is intended to investigate the propagation behavior of virus programs provided(More)
For autonomous vehicles and video-based navigation systems it is necessary to determine position of the ego vehicle relative to the road. One of the principal approaches is to detect lanes using a vision system in the vehicle. In this paper we propose a general method for lane detection that combines steerable filters developed by Freeman and Adelson with(More)
Cognitive radio is a revolutionary technology, which can significantly improve the utilization of limited radio spectrum resources. The limited ability of conventional layered protocol architectures has motivated the introduction of cross-layer design solutions that allow optimized operation. In this paper, we extensively and exclusively present an overview(More)
In this paper, a chaotic block cipher based on chaos box is proposed for WSN. First, the pors and cons of WSN existing encryption algorithm is analysed. Then, a new encryption algorithm for WSN is introduced. Finally, conclusion is made by comparing with RC5 and RC6 at statistical performance. Data shows this encryption scheme has good performance.