Yan-ze Peng

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A 2 1 dimensional Burgers equation and a coupled higher dimensional Burgers system is studied by the singular manifold method. The Bäcklund transformations are obtained. Some interesting exact solutions are given. Then localized structures, such as dromion and solitoff, are found, and their interaction properties are numerically studied. The fusion(More)
Based on the WTC truncation method and the general variable separation approach (GVSA), we have first found a general solution including three arbitrary functions for the (2+1)-dimensional simplified generalized Broer-Kaup (GBK) system (B=0). A class of double periodic wave solutions is obtained by selecting these arbitrary functions appropriately. The(More)
By means of the Weiss-Tabor-Carnevale truncation method and the general variable separation approach, analytical investigation of the integrable (2+1)dimensional higher order Broer-Kaup system shows, due to the possibility of selecting three arbitrary functions, the existence of interacting coherent excitations such as dromions, solitons, periodic solitons(More)
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