Yan-xia Cui

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In peer-to-peer network environment, there is no centralized management authority to be relied on, so the service provider and service requester have to establish some assessment model, and evaluate the dynamic behavior of others, then choose more credible trusted entities to interact. Only in this way can they ensure security, safety and reliable(More)
Federated environment consists of multiple domains, traditional cross domain authentication model has many defects like weak cross domain ability, overload of authentication server, cookie hidden danger and non-cross domain limitation. The paper analyzes the security risks of the current authentication model, then we propose a cross domain federal identity(More)
At present, multi-database identity authentication is mostly based on centralized global user management mechanism. In this paper, we analyze the defects of the current identity authentication in multi-database and propose a new single sign on for multi-database identity authentication based on the idea of database union domain. Compared with the(More)
We begin with overviews of the existing defects of the current Kerberos protocol and the shortage of the current improvement, and then we focus on the new method of the dynamic password and public key. On the basis of the original Kerberos protocol, firstly, we propose the usage of the Diffie-Hellman algorithm, and put the password in the token, then take(More)
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