Yan-qing Peng

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To improve the dynamic response, regulation precision and robustness of the closed-loop system, a novel two degree of freedom control method called model reference fuzzy adaptive PID (MRFA-PID) control is proposed for industrial processes. The proposed control law consists of two parts, PID controller and fuzzy logic controller. The PID controller, which is(More)
A series of di-indolinone derivatives was designed and synthesized to optimize our lead compounds basing on molecular docking study as PTP1B inhibitors. Successive enzymatic assay identified the synthetic di-indolinone as novel PTP1B inhibitors with low micromole-ranged inhibitory activity and at least several-fold selectivity over other tested homologous(More)
The methodology of using a silica gel-supported functionalized ionic liquid as a scavenger in the purification of parallel synthesis products was demonstrated. Silica-supported sulfonic acid-functional ionic liquid was synthesized by etherification, aminate, and quaternary aminate from activated silica gel and 3-chloropropyl trimethoxysilane, imidazole, and(More)
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