Yan-qing Liu

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Surface-enhanced Raman spectra of natural tissue and cancerous tissue of lung from 300 to 1700 cm(-1) were measured. In the cancerous tissue of lung, the orderly conformations of amides III and amides I of the main chains in protein such as alpha-helix, beta-corner and no rules curly were damaged seriously; conversely, the extendable vibration of skeleton(More)
An efficient organocatalytic cascade reaction has been developed involving a Michael-hemiaminalization relay for the asymmetric synthesis of spiropiperidinone derivatives bearing adjacent quaternary and tertiary chiral centers via LUMO or HOMO activation. Importantly, this methodology demonstrates that applying distinct activation modes to different(More)
The pharmacological or toxicological efficacy of drugs can be influenced significantly when their metabolic pathway is induced or inhibited by co-administrated drugs.Metabolism-based drug-drug interactions (DDIs) have a high incidence and are important in clinical therapeutics. Studies on metabolism-based DDIs are now moved to the early stages of drug(More)
Uridine diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase 1A (UGT1A) is a major phase II drug-metabolism enzyme superfamily involved in the glucuronidation of endobiotics and xenobiotics in humans. Many polymorphisms in UGT1A genes are reported to inhibit or decrease UGT1A activity. In this study, two UGT1A1 allozymes, UGT1A1 wild-type and a splice mutant, as well as(More)
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