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BACKGROUND The effect of chronic stress on cognitive functions has been one of the hot topics in neuroscience. But there has been much controversy over its mechanism. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of chronic multiple stress on spatial learning and memory as well as the expression of Fyn, BDNF and TrkB in the hippocampus of rats. (More)
Tangeretin (TANG), present in peel of citrus fruits, has been shown to various medicinal properties such as chemopreventive and neuroprotective. However, the chemopreventive effect of TANG on glioblastoma cells has not been examined. The present study was designed to explore the anticancer potential of TANG in glioblastoma cells and to investigate the(More)
The research on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) has been developing at an extraordinary pace in its two decades of existence, as judged by the exponential growth of novel structures and the constant expansion of its applicability and research scope. A major part of the research and its success are due to the vital role of the concept of mixed organic(More)
Celastrol, a triterpene extracted from the Chinese herb Tripterygium wilfordii, has been shown to have multiple bioactivities. Although among these activities, its anti-cancer effects have attracted the most attention, the effect of celastrol on gefitinib-resistant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells is not clearly known. Here, we examined the potency(More)
A new 2D coordination polymer Co3(OH)2(pa)2(ina)2 (1, pa = 3-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl) propanoic carboxylate, ina = isonicotinate) contained uncommon, linear Co(ii) trimers of mixed Td-Oh-Td geometries, exhibits spin canting below 20 K. Such magnetic behavior mainly arises from the Dzyaloshinski-Moriya interaction from the anisotropic, mixed geometries(More)
We present the synthesis, characterization of the structures, and magnetic properties of five isostructural dodecanuclear coordination clusters of Ni(II) and Co(II): [Co(12)(bm)(12)(NO(3))(O(2)CMe)(6)(EtOH)(6)](NO(3))(5) (1), [Ni(12)(bm)(12)(NO(3))(O(2)CMe)(6)(H(2)O)(3)(EtOH)(3)](NO(3))(5)·2H(2)O (2), mixed-metal composition (Ni/Co 1:1)(More)
Non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) dominates over 85% of all lung cancer cases. Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) activating mutation is a common situation in NSCLC. In the clinic, molecular-targeting with Gefitinib as a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) for EGFR downstream signaling is initially effective. However, drug resistance frequently happens(More)
Under controlled conditions in growth chamber, this paper studied the mortality of pepper seedlings caused by Phytophthora capsici. The results showed that soil temperature and water content were the important factors affecting the infection of P. capsici, and their optimum values for the infection were 22-28 TC and 40%, respectively. The relationships of(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the epidemiological features of childhood cancer in China, and to provide some clues and basis for related academic research, the formulation of prevention and control strategy, and the construction of prevention and control system of childhood cancer. METHODS The data of childhood cancer in children aged 0-14 years which were(More)