Yan-lei Xiong

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Most adult stem cells are in the G0 or quiescent phase of the cell cycle and account for only a small percentage of the cells in the tissue. Thus, isolation of stem cells from tissues for further study represents a major challenge. This study sought to enrich cancer stem cells and explore cancer stem-like cell clones using 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) in the lung(More)
1. Reconstitution of donor (Ly5.1) myeloid and lymphoid cells was monitored by staining blood cells with antibodies against Ly5.1, CD3, B220, Mac-1 and Gr-1. The secondary bone marrow transplant was performed with 10 7 whole bone marrow cells from mice reconstituted with Bmi-1 þ/þ or Bmi-1 2/2 fetal liver cells. Mouse stem cell viruses expressing mouse p16(More)
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