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Watermark is a new effective digital copyright protection method and data security technology. In this paper, a digital image watermark algorithm operating in the curvelet domain is proposed. Unequally-Spaced Fast Fourier Transforms (USFFT) is employed to implement Fast Discrete Curvelet Transforms (FDCT ) to transform the digital image to the curvelet(More)
In this paper, a scheme for chaotic modulation secure communication is proposed based on chaotic synchronization of an improved Lorenz system. For the first time, the intensity limit and stability of the transmitted signal, the characteristics of broadband and the requirements for accuracy of electronic components are presented by Multisim simulation. In(More)
The effects of surface texture on the lubrication performance of a compression ring-cylinder liner system are studied in this paper. By considering the surface roughness of the compression ring and cylinder liner, a mixed lubrication model is presented to investigate the tribological behaviors of a barrel-shaped compression ring-cylinder liner system with(More)
To narrow the “digital divide” in Digital Terrain Analysis (DTA) modelling and application, we proposed a Browser/Server (B/S)-based prototype of heuristic DTA modelling environment. In this prototype, formalized DTA knowledge was used to support heuristic and visualized modelling of user’s application-specific DTA workflow. B/S structure can provide DTA(More)
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