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AIM To investigate whether sodium ferulate (SF) can protect cortical neurons from glutamate-induced neurotoxicity and the mechanisms responsible for this protection. METHODS Cultured cortical neurons were incubated with 50 micromol/L glutamate for either 30 min or 24 h, with or without pre-incubation with SF (100, 200, and 500 micromol/L, respectively).(More)
AIM To investigate whether the age-related increase in interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta) and c-Jun N-terminal kinases (JNK) pathway was coupled with a decrease in cell survival signaling pathways and whether sodium ferulate (SF) treatment was effective in preventing these age-associated changes. METHODS Groups of young and aged rats were fed for 4 weeks on a(More)
BACKGROUND There are few choices for treatment of advanced cancer patients who do not respond to or tolerate conventional anti-cancer treatments. Therefore this study aimed to deploy the benefits and clinical efficacy of continuous dendritic cell-cytokine induced killer cell infusions in such patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 381 infusions (from(More)
Cancer has become the leading cause of death in the world. According to the data of IARC (Ferlay et al., 2013), there were 14.1 million new cancer cases and 8.2 million cancer deaths in worldwide in 2012. Among them, 21.8% (3.1 million) of new cases and 26.9% (2.2 million) of deaths occurred in China. The ratio of mortality/ incidence in China is higher(More)
This paper investigates the frequency effect on the pressure measurement using the critically refracted longitudinal (Lcr) wave. Based on the acoustoelastic effect and the thin-shell theory, the pressure measurement model is derived, which constructs the relationship between the change of time-of-flight (TOF) and the internal pressure in cylindrical(More)
The genus Lambertella is currently considered to be one of the largest genera in the family Rutstroemiaceae, and its major distinguishing character is the pigmentation of ascospores, besides a substratal stroma. Although Lambertella appears to be well-defined by morphological characters, its phylogenetic heterogeneity has been suggested in earlier studies.(More)
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