Yan-guo Teng

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In this study, sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) found in surface sediments of the Rizhao coastal area (China) were apportioned using diagnostic ratios and factor analysis with nonnegative constraints (FA-NNC). Bivariate plots of selected diagnostic ratios showed that the sources of PAHs identified in surface sediments seemed to be mixed(More)
Considering the advantages and limitations of a single receptor model, in this study, a combined technique of nonnegative matrix factorization analysis with effective weighted variance solution (NMF-EWV) was proposed for source apportionment. Utilizing NMF, major linear independent factor loadings with nonnegative elements were extracted to identify(More)
To minimize the selection uncertainties of source profiles and obtain the higher model performance, an extended fit measurement mode for chemical mass balance model (EFMM-CMB) was proposed and applied to estimate source contributions for sediment PAHs from the Daliao River around which is the important industrial bases with oil, chemical and steel factories(More)
To investigate the mechanisms of tritium persistence in clay minerals, three types of clay soils (montmorillonite, kaolinite and illite) and tritiated water were used in this study to conduct the tritium sorption tests and the other related tests. Firstly, the ingredients, metal elements and heat properties of clay minerals were studied with some(More)
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