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Epigenetic mechanisms have important roles in carcinogenesis. We certified that the mRNA translation-related gene cytoplasmic polyadenylation element-binding protein 1 (CPEB1) is hypomethylated and overexpressed in glioma cells and tissues. The knockdown of CPEB1 reduced cell senescence by regulating the expression or distribution of p53 in glioma cells.(More)
For ship course control, this paper presents a novel nonlinear controller design method using the sum of squares (SOS) technique combined with the dual of Lyapunov's stability theorem based on density function. Varying load condition and ship speed are seen as uncertainty, and then the robust nonlinear controller is also designed based on the suggested(More)
For linear time-invariant system model, this paper analyzes the convergence of parameter estimations as the length of the input-output data tends to infinity through prediction error method. It is known that the sequence of the prediction errors, called criterion functions, converges uniformly in the parameter with probability one as the data length tends(More)
In the research field of observer design, one necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of Luenberger observer is widely cited as a fundamental theorem. In 1972, Fortmann and Williamson gave an earliest statement and proof of this theorem. The proof, in essentially unchanged form, was written in all books. We point out that this proof is not(More)
Under finite data rate communication, this paper considers discrete linear systems with multiple distributed sensors and one controller subject to each encoder with only access to a component of current system output vector. By the proposed boundary function method, a convergent condition in terms of output feedback gain matrix, the parameters of boundary(More)
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