Yan Zheping

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When autonomous underwater vehicle(AUV) is in subsea, it should quickly make a decision in order to acclimatize itself to the fateful change of situation. AUV's decision is restricted by many factors. Taking into account of main restrictions, the decision model of AUV is established and decision-making course based on improved analytic hierarchy process(More)
An algorithm of path following for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) based on backstepping is proposed in this paper. To design the path following controller by the backstepping technique, the algorithm compares desired path predefined and the path information collected from the sensors of vehicle and combines with Lyapunov theory analyzing the stability of(More)
In order to get reliable communication no matter under the water or above the surface, a kind of multi channel and distributed wireless communication network architecture for UUVs was presented. This network architecture includes underwater communication, surface communication and internal communication. Underwater communication is acoustic modem, and the(More)
A marine environmental information observation system based on UUV was designed and implemented to overcome the deficiency of marine environment observation mode through surface ship which is severely affected by the marine environment, unable to observe snugly and near sea bottom. This system comprises surface support subsystem and UUV subsystem, may(More)
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