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New variants of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus with large deletions in the spike protein, identified in the United States, 2016-2017
Four types of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) variants with a large deletion in the spike protein were detected, together with the original US PEDV, from pig fecal and oral fluid samplesExpand
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Planar Ultrawideband Antennas With Multiple Notched Bands Based on Etched Slots on the Patch and/or Split Ring Resonators on the Feed Line
Three types of ultrawideband (UWB) antennas with triple notched bands are proposed and investigated for UWB communication applications. The proposed antennas consist of a planar circular patchExpand
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Reference region group mobility model for ad hoc networks
  • J.M. Ng, Yan Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • Second IFIP International Conference on Wireless…
  • 6 March 2005
We propose a novel group mobility model, called reference region group mobility (RRGM) model, which can be used in the description of a group motion behavior as well as individual movement. Expand
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Hand Vein Recognition Based on Multi Supplemental Features of Multi-Classifier Fusion Decision
As a kind of biometric feature authentication system, hand vein recognition has more merits than others. So it has a vast foreground. In this paper, a new algorithm based on multi supplementalExpand
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A Research on Chaotic Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network and Its Convergence
In this paper, a type of chaotic recurrent fuzzy neural network (CRFNN) model is proposed. The CRFNN model add chaotic map in the membership function layer of a RFNN. A generalized dynamic backExpand
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Radar-communication integration: An overview
Radar-communication integration combines radar system and communication system together. These two systems have similar structures, and communication system can take advantage of radar's excellentExpand
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Driving Fatigue Detection Based on EEG Signal
Driving fatigue detection is an important approach to ensure the traffic safety. However, the most existing mature analysis methods are based on driving behavior or driver's body characteristics,Expand
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A Broadband Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna With Improved Axial Ratio
In this letter, a novel method to improve the axial ratio (AR) of circularly polarized patch antenna is presented. The feed network consists of a broadband balun and two L-shaped probes. ByExpand
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Facial expression recognition under partial occlusion based on Weber Local Descriptor histogram and decision fusion
In order to solve the problem which the key information of facial expression missed under partial occlusion, this paper proposes a facial expression recognition method based on Weber Local Descriptor (WLD) histogram feature and decision fusion to solve this problem. Expand
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Quantification of low voltage network reinforcement costs: A statistical approach
Long-term investment for large-scale low voltage (LV) (0.4 kV in the U.K.) networks is one of the key issues concerned by distribution network operators (DNOs). The major difficulties in carrying outExpand
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